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Wednesday, July 11, 2007

15 Steps to Substantial Income in Anger Management

1. Conduct an Internet search to determine the most widely recognized anger management model in the nation.

2. Develop a business plan, including appropriate finances for a least one year.

3. Access Anger Management Facilitator Certification in the model that you have chosen.

4. Purchase the client workbooks, posters, DVDs, CDs and assessment instruments for the model chosen and take time to master all of this material.

5. Rent a part time Conference Room from a local hotel, attorney’s office or other professional on Tuesday and Thursday evenings and all day Saturdays.

6. Secure a business license and DBA in your town or city.

7. Find a professional website developer to design a dedicated anger management/executive coaching website with extensive links to related businesses and organizations. Request links back from these sites.

8. Develop and implement an aggressive marketing plan including ads on as many anger management websites, as well as Google and Yahoo.

9. Join and participate in the American Association of Anger Management Providers.

10. Establish yourself as a local or regional expert in anger management and executive coaching.

11. Join and market your services to all of the businesses in your local Chamber of Commerce.

12. Write ezine articles and blog entries on anger management and executive coaching to as many sites as possible.

13. Put most, if not all of the income from your first year of operation back into your practice development.

14. Place marketing DVDs for the major practice areas on which you will focus on your website as well as YouTube, MySpace and other similar sites.

15. Think BIG!

George Anderson, MSW, BCD, CAMF


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