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Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Anderson & Anderson Presents a New Anger Management Blog

Due to the success of the marketing efforts of Anderson & Anderson and a few of its key providers, it has become necessary for us to extend our daily blog run to The nature of blog entries is very powerful, as has been demonstrated by the number of views we receive on our web stats each day. The average number of views on a daily basis is 80. This may seem like a small number at first glance, but it actually leads to a very large number of views of our general web site. The amount of interest generated from each blog entry is enormous. For the month of June, the Anderson & Anderson website received over 529,000 hits. Whenever we, or a few of our providers, placed a blog entry on our websites, Google picked them up immediately and placed them in its search engine. What happens is that the blog entries draw in exposure to whatever it is that one is promoting, and the product or service that is being promoted gains exposure worldwide.

Anderson & Anderson and its team of providers will increase its presence on, as well as other websites that host blogs. We encourage all our providers, as well as other organizational entities, to take the time to include a blog on their websites.

Rasheed Ahmed
Anderson & Anderson
Anger Management Services


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