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Monday, September 24, 2007

Continuing Education for Anderson & Anderson Providers

In order to maintain your status as an Anderson & Anderson Certified Anger Management Provider, it is necessary that you complete 16 hours per year of continuing education through Anderson & Anderson.

We now have two new courses. One has been structured around our popular DVD, Gaining Control of Ourselves. This DVD contains a powerful, comprehensive review of the Conover Assessment, as well as nine detailed lessons from the client workbook and the Conover Assessment. The information contained on this DVD will enhance the facilitator’s ability to convincingly teach each lesson in the Anderson & Anderson Curriculum.

A Day Away From Stress is our latest DVD for use with our curriculum. This DVD is one of the most effective tools for teaching stress management for individual coaching as well as anger management groups.

Session One features anger management guru, George Anderson. It is a demonstration of how an Anderson & Anderson anger management group is facilitated. This DVD is excellent for use with new clients at intake, as well as a review for facilitators and marketing purposes

Each of these DVDs will come with questions that must be answered by each provider and returned to Anderson & Anderson for the continuing education certificate. Each DVD will count for 8 ceus.

The Cost: $280 per Continuing Education DVD. Each DVD certifies up to four facilitators for continuing education credits (8).

These DVDs can be purchased through our on-line store or by contacting our office at 310-207-3591.


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