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Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Organizational Training

As a member of the Business Education & Services committee, our purpose is to disseminate relevant and current information to the business community. This article represents a brief announcement to a very in-depth issue of concern.

The newly formed Joint Commission for Hospital Accreditation Standards is creating an awareness and change phenomena in the Medical Profession, the Health Care Industry and to all businesses and organizations. Thereby, a burgeoning compliance issue regarding the aforementioned commission and, most significantly, to OSHA’s Safe Workplace Environment regulations is emerging.

Conflict and Violence in workplace environments is now an issue that is presenting questions of liability, accountability and settlement costs. The need and time has arrived for Organizational Training, which exclusively uses the industry standard Anderson and Anderson Model of Anger Management, the one that succinctly provides “Conflict Prevention Knowledge and Techniques for all Businesses and Professions”.

The upcoming October 29, 2007 Audio Conference on, “Anger Management-Conflict Prevention Strategies for Health Care Professionals,” featuring Mr. George Anderson, MSW, LCSW, BCD, CAMF, the nationally and internationally recognized expert and resource on Anger Management, organizational Training and Executive Coaching, will further explore this issue. The Values and Benefits are Significant. Save Money and Careers. Be Pro-Active and exercise “Due Diligence”.

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Colbért B. Williams, Sr., MSW., LCSW, CAMF
– President, Executive & Life Coaching, Inc.
Vice Chief Ambassador-Antelope Valley Chamber of Commerce


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