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Friday, November 02, 2007

Testimonial from an Anger Management Provider


Executive Coaching/Anger Management For "Disruptive Physicians"

As a Licensed Clinical Social Worker who is a Certified Anderson & Anderson Provider, I pursued continuing education and advanced training with Mr. George Anderson, MSW, LCSW, BCD, CAMF, in the specialized niche of Executive Coaching. A substantial number of hours were spent learning and assimilating the Anderson and Anderson Method and materials used in Executive Coaching. A substantial number of hours were also spent in direct consultation with Mr. Anderson critiquing my levels of understanding, assimilation and abilities of delivery intervention.

After competency and trust was established, Mr. Anderson altruistically gave me my first Executive Coaching-Physician referral. This granted me the opportunity to implement the Anderson and Anderson Method of Executive Coaching with a substantial number of hours of advanced training received from Mr. Anderson. The Physician/Surgeon received the 2-day, (12) hour Executive Coaching intervention with surprising openness and receptiveness. I debriefed in-depth with Mr. Anderson regarding the reciprocal experiences of the Executive Coaching intervention. The outcome appeared to be very successful.

Building upon the foundation of competency and trust, Mr. Anderson gave me my second Executive Coaching-Physician referral. This experience was more unique than the first involving two healthcare professionals. Mr. Anderson and I conducted two separate, simultaneous Executive Coaching intervention sessions with a one-hour “Conjoint” summary Executive Coaching session. This was clearly an “Out Of The Box” experience. The outcome from direct observation and feedback was from, objective appearances, phenomenal. Again, a significant number of hours were spent with Mr. Anderson debriefing on our respective and collective experiences from this most unique Executive Coaching Intervention.

From “First-Hand” experiences, Mr. Anderson has and is “Raising the Bar”, and “Setting the Standard” for Executive Coaching. The prerequisite criteria established by Mr. Anderson, for the Anderson and Anderson Method of Executive Coaching and Anger Management, will saliently present the issue of qualified, competent and experienced Executive Coaches who are able to provide “Quality Care,” to Executive Coaching clients.

Executive & Life Coaching, Inc.
Colbert B. Williams, Sr., MSW, LCSW, CAMF- President
(Licensed Clinical Social Worker)
(Certified Anger Management Facilitator)
Executive Coach
Diplomate, American Association of Anger Management Providers


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