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Friday, January 18, 2008

On-line Consultation for Professional Anger Management Providers

Anderson & Anderson offers online consultation and supervision in the areas of anger management and batterer’s intervention. For each service provided, the recipient will receive a professional, confidential, and descriptive response, which may include resources, feedback, information, referrals, and marketing advice.

Unlimited Monthly E-mail Dialogue

With this service, you can email George Anderson as many times as you wish, and receive a detailed, descriptive, and beneficial response each time usually within 6-12 hours.

Individual Email Response

With this service, you can email Mr. Anderson once, twice, or as many times as you wish. You will receive a prompt, detailed, and informative response. The fee for this service is set per mail transaction.

Phone Consultation (50 minutes): For many people, direct communication by phone is preferred. This type of consultation can be arranged on an as needed basis.

Fee Structure

-Unlimited Monthly Email Dialog: $150.00

-Individual Email Response: $25.00 per email transaction

-Phone Consultation: $185.00

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