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Monday, February 18, 2008

A Slowdown in the U.S. Economy Results in an Increase in Anger

In past economic slowdowns, there has been an increase in all forms of person and property directed aggression. This includes battery, vandalism, spousal abuse, substance abuse, child and animal abuse. Anger is a secondary emotion and almost always a reaction to some perceived environmental stress.

A change in income, loss of a job, foreclosures or layoffs are not only anxiety provoking, but a source of frustration and anger. Therefore, we can expect an increase in all of the behaviors that are typically related to stress. Similarly, cutbacks in health, social services and other mandated governmental programs can be expected to add to the laundry list of stressors in the lives of average people.

Anger management should be considered a positive intervention for stress, communication, emotional intelligence and anger management. Such programs must always begin with an assessment, then followed by skill enhancement in the problem areas.

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