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Monday, June 02, 2008

Anderson & Anderson Continues to Provide Groundbreaking Anger Management Training

Anderson & Anderson, the Trusted Name in Anger Management, continues to provide groundbreaking certification training in Anger Management. Our model of anger management focuses on five areas relative to creating change: Anger Management, Stress Management, Communication Skills, Emotional Intelligence (also known as empathy), and Motivation to Change. George Anderson, BCD, LCSW, hosted the training over a three day period: Wednesday, May 28th through Friday May 30th, 2008.

The first day of the training involved preparation for facilitating adolescent anger management groups. The second day involved preparation for facilitating adult groups, and the third day involved key preparation for one of the specialty areas of the program: Emotional Intelligence. Additional training on marketing and expanding an anger management practice also took place on the third day. Because all of our trainees were in attendance for the complete three-day seminar, they were given a fourth component which is only available on cd-rom: Motivational Interviewing.

This training was a success. The group consisted of a very diverse educational and work background. Included in this training were probation officers, counselors, software designers, and case managers, among others. These attendees have expressed interest in working with large corporations needing anger management for employees. County-wide licenses granted as contracts may be provided relatively soon, as these trainees and many others are considering working with their employers (or their own private practices) in handling the sharp increase of referrals from all over the country. Anderson & Anderson will continue to provide this training periodically and throughout the year in order to meet the demand of those interested in becoming anger management facilitators and providers.

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