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Thursday, August 21, 2008

E-Rage: the new cause of office stress

August 20, 2008 by twentzphd

If you see one of your colleagues hitting, kicking or throwing their computer, they might be suffering from what Eclipse Internet calls E-rage.

Eclipse recently carried out a survey into the effects of email downtime on business owners and workers. They found that for some, the frustration of not having access to email can see them resort to extreme measures in an attempt to ‘fix’ the problem.

In Newcastle upon Tyne, a whopping 77% of office workers and company owners agree that e-mail downtime causes major stress at work. But it would seem that office workers in this city are less prone to E-rage than in other parts of the UK. Only 6% of workers in Newcastle would take out their frustration by kicking their PC compared to 18.5% in what appears to be a very angry Glasgow.

Mark Thomas from Eclipse Internet said: “We wanted to understand the impact of email downtime on small business owners. We know that in at least 40% of small companies email is set up and maintained by unqualified personnel. As a result, these companies are more susceptible to suffering the consequences of E-rage. For those companies that do outsource their email, levels of E-rage are much lower.”

Coincidentally, Eclipse Internet provides businesses with a service designed to reduce email downtime. Who’d have thought it?

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