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Saturday, April 18, 2009

Alternative Uses of Anger Management


George Anderson, MSW, BCD, CAMF

The Family courts in Huntsville, Alabama are proactive in addressing the issue of anger exhibited by divorcing couples with children. All divorcing couples who have children are mandated to attend a course designed to lower their anger and show them some of the effects of their behavior on their children. They are also given information on how their children might be affected by this action. However, some parents continue to argue, continue to involve their children in the conflict, and show no signs of having the ability to co-parent. Thousands of dollars are spent on attorneys due to the anger, causing even more issues.

The Conflict Resolution Program was developed by Mr. Frank Morales, MS, CAMF, who is the Director of Conflict Resolution Programs, Family Services Center of Huntsville, Alabama. This program was developed to deal with the issues mentioned above. It is a combination of anger management, negotiation, mediation, and stress management. It is not therapy and is very focused and directive in nature. It is a matter of finding compromise for the family, taking personal responsibility, enforcing court documents, keeping one’s ego out of decision making and, finally, living the line "loving your children more than you love being right".

The internationally recognized Anderson & Anderson Batterer’s Intervention and Anger Management Curricula serves as the assessment and intervention components of these programs.

As a result of this program, we have seen an increase in the numbers volunteer clients who wish to avoid court hearings.


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