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Monday, June 01, 2009

Anderson & Anderson Anger Management/Civility Coaching for Attorneys

Anderson & Anderson, the nationally and internationally recognized provider of Anger Management, is now incorporating “civility” in its Executive Coaching program for attorneys. This coaching model is based on civility training that George Anderson provided to 30 attorneys at the Profit Loss and Research Bureau in Chicago, Illinois.

The legal profession is beginning to address the decline of civility by imposing training in civility/anger management for attorneys. Anderson & Anderson, A.P.C. was the first to conduct Emotional Intelligence/Civility for Attorneys in the state of Illinois. This training was conducted for 30 attorneys at the Profit Loss and Research Bureau in Chicago.

Anderson & Anderson is now offering Executive Coaching/Anger Management for attorneys experiencing stress, burnout or "disruptive behavior". While anger is a normal human emotion, there is no justification for incivility in the legal profession.

Their coaching model consists of non-psychiatric assessments designed to determine the level of functioning in 13 domains, including: self-awareness, interpersonal assertion, interpersonal aggression, stress management, empathy, time management, leadership, motivation and self-esteem.

The Anderson & Anderson new client workbook, The Practice of Control, contains exercises and lessons used to coach attorneys in skill enhancement in all of the areas mentioned above. This curriculum was featured in a two part documentary entitled "Losing It" on the British Broadcasting Channel.

All of their coaching is provided on a confidential individual basis with follow-up phone sessions. This service is provided on-site anywhere in the nation. Please call their office at 310-207-3591 for more information.


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