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Friday, September 04, 2009

September News at Anderson & Anderson

Takspa Lekdan, the new General Manager at Anderson & Anderson, moves quickly to accelerate the pace of Internet dominance in anger management and executive coaching for “disruptive physicians”. During the month of August, Mr. Lekdan has dramatically increased the assistance provided to all Anderson & Anderson Marketing Affiliates, making it easier for them to be successful in selling our products and services through our Affiliate Program.

In addition, he has successfully completed an intensive 40 hour Certification Training conducted by George Anderson in the Anderson & Anderson model of Executive Coaching/Anger Management for physicians. This personal knowledge will increase Mr. Lekdan’s ability to explain and market this very popular specialized intervention program nationwide.

Finally, Mr. Lekdan has instituted a more business-like, customer service focus in the day to day operations of Anderson & Anderson programs and services. All current and new clients and customers can anticipate a friendly, helpful relationship with Mr. Lekdan and the Anderson & Anderson Professional Staff.

Dr. Arlie Stops, PhD, CAMF based in Las Vegas and Mr. Frank Morales, MA, CAMF, Director of Conflict Resolution Services at Family Services of Huntsville, Alabama become the first two providers to receive advanced training in Organizational Training/Emotional Intelligence in the Anderson & Anderson Model.

Dr. Stops and Mr. Morales will become the first Anderson & Anderson providers to be listed as Certified Providers in Organizational Training/Emotional Intelligence using the Anderson & Anderson Curriculum.

New Jersey joins California and Texas in adopting the Anderson & Anderson Anger Management Curriculum for use in its Parole programs for released defendants who were incarcerated for aggressive offenses.

Nancy Anderson, President of Anderson & Anderson and wife of Anger Management Guru George Anderson, was one of the trainers in the August training of a select group of Certified Anger Management Facilitators who were being trained in the Anderson & Anderson Model of Executive Coaching/Anger Management for Physicians. Nancy was warmly received and applauded by all in attendance.

George Anderson
Anderson & Anderson


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