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Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Anger Management vs. Conflict Resolution

Even the Internet needs help in learning the differences between Anger Management
and Conflict Resolution. Anger and Anger Management is related to useless anger. This anger can be directed towards persons or property. It does not require a dispute between one or more persons.

In contrast, Conflict Resolution relates to disputes between one or more persons. The Resolution of the conflict requires that all participate in resolving the dispute. The dispute may or may not involve anger.

Conflict Resolution is generally provided by trained Mediators who are often Attorneys who specialize in Mediation or Conflict Resolution. Most cities have free Mediation Services offered through its City Attorney or District Attorney's Office.Anger Management is much newer than Conflict Resolution. It is a class or individual coaching designed to teach skill enhancement in anger management, stress management, assertive communication and emotional intelligence or empathy.

George Anderson, MSW, CAMF
Anderson & Anderson

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