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Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Viral Marketing Takes Anderson & Anderson over the Top

The simplest definition of viral marketing is word of mouth or telling someone else about a product or service via e-mail, fax or phone. Viral marketing is currently one of the most powerful marketing tools on the internet and a blessing for small businesses of all types. Branding is an important aspect of viral marketing.

A summary of successful “viral marketing” by Anderson & Anderson Providers

• Four Key Anderson & Anderson Certified Providers from Colbert Williams (Los Angeles,, Carlos Todd (Charlotte, North Carolina,; Gregory Kyles (Houston, Texas,, Shannon Munford (Gardena, California,, and Sonia Brill (Denver, Colorado, are leading the way in this remarkable effort.

• In order to increase the presence of the Anderson & Anderson anger management model on the internet, George Anderson and his staff began an aggressive internet marketing campaign using a combination of Press Releases, blogs, E-zine articles, radio, television and print media interviews, as well as magazine and internet advertisements.

• Phone calls, e-mails and blog announcements are being made and sent to all current, and previous, certified Anderson & Anderson anger management facilitators, seeking their participation. Each provider received information to place on his or her website, which was designed to accurately define the uniqueness of the Anderson & Anderson model as well as the importance of consistency in describing the Anderson & Anderson anger management curriculum.

• Colbert Williams produced the single and most effective marketing DVD for use by all Anderson & Anderson providers. George Anderson and the providers mentioned above quickly arranged to adapt and use this DVD. Copies of the DVD now appear on all of the websites mentioned above as well as YouTube, MySpace and many other internet outlets. The response to this DVD has been off the charts.

• Gregory Kyles produced two other DVDs designed to market the Anderson & Anderson Executive Coaching model, as well as Organizational Training. These new DVDs are now in the process of modification for use by other providers.

The purpose of this type of “viral marketing” is the dramatic increase of the income of all Anderson & Anderson providers who have websites. Those who actively participated in the campaign saw their internet saturation increase as well as daily hits to their respective websites, in addition to practice income.

Prior to this campaign, the Anderson & Anderson anger management curriculum was already the most widely used anger management model in the world. In spite of this fact, this campaign was a huge success in the every measurable parameter including website hits, link popularity, search engine saturation and key word verification. During the month of June,, the main Anderson & Anderson website, received 526,000 hits. Finally, there was an unprecedented increase in income derived from the sale of Anderson & Anderson client books, DVDs, posters, facilitator certification, classes, executive coaching, and consultation services.

George Anderson, MSW, BCD, CAMF
Diplomate, American Association of Anger Management Providers


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