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Friday, October 05, 2007

Charlotte Anger Management Program Acceptance Goes Beyond ‘Court-Mandated’

The prominent Charlotte, North Carolina based Todd’s Anger Management Solutions practice continues to gain acceptance by clients from several demographics. The website also continues to be visited in increasing numbers.

In the last several months, anger management classes and executive coaching have been provided to physicians, pilots, business owners, homemakers, executives, immigrants, and individuals from other walks of life.

There is a myth that anger management is only for those mandated by the court. The trend that Todd’s Anger Management Solutions has seen is that many are seeking anger management for self improvement. Clients are often shocked to learn that anger management is a class that teaches anger management, stress management, executive coaching and emotional intelligence.

Clients report that anger management has not only improved their ability to manage anger but has increased self awareness, stress management, outlook on life, increased focus on goals, improved interpersonal relationships, the ability to preempt arguments before they escalate and a deepened awareness of the meaning of their lives.

All indicators suggest that the public is gaining awareness of the fact that anger management is not counseling nor psychotherapy, but a class that can teach far more than just how not to explode.

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