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Wednesday, October 24, 2007

New Facilitator Certification for Executive Coaches

Beginning with our first Facilitator Certification training in 2008, a new, comprehensive curriculum for Executive Coaches will be introduced. This new training will be narrowly focused on anger management for physicians and other executives who may best benefit from an intensive accelerated twelve-hour focused assessment and intervention.

This training will be limited to potential providers who have Masters and Doctorate Degrees in Education, Clinical Social Work, Marriage Counseling/therapy, Licensed Professional Counselors or Executive Coaching.

This new Forty-hour training will be limited to ten participants for each day of training. The following components will be covered in this new training: This training will be offered live and via tele-conferences in major cities in the United States.

The First Day of Training

•Administration, scoring and interpretation of the long and short versions of the Conover Anger Management Assessment.
•Administration, scoring and interpretation of the EQ MAP.
•The uses of the computer to administer, score, and provide post testing for the Conover and the EQ MAP.
•Each participant will be given an opportunity to experience these instruments as both a provider as well as a client. This in-depth training will assure that all of the facilitators will emerge as competent in the use of these two instruments.

The Second Day of Training

•Action items to be covered in the two-days of coaching based on the Conover Assessment and EQ MAP.
•Participants in this training will provide mock coaching for each other based on the results of their assessments.
•This level of experience makes the material come alive and gives the opportunity to ask and respond to the type of questions, which are likely to emerge in practice.
•Introduction of the two client workbooks used in this training as well as the comprehensive summary DVD. The workbooks are “Gaining Control of Ourselves” and “Executive Coaching Client Workbook”.

The Third Day of Training

•Continuation of the course outline for the two day coaching class.
•Introduction of summary DVD, “Gaining Control of Ourselves.
•Incorporation of the following DVDs, Emotional Intelligence 0—10, Ya No Mas, Styles of Communication and The Art of Assertiveness.
•Summary, post tests and after care plans.

The Forth and Fifth Day of Training

At the end of the third day of training, each participant will be given a 16 hour DVD of Motivational Interviewing, along with the DVD, Executive Coaching. The Motivational Interviewing must be viewed as a Home Study course. Once the completed tests are returned, a certificate of completion for the Forty-hours will be mailed to each participant.

Providers Lists

Anderson & Anderson will establish two new provider lists designed to market these new providers. There will be a new list on our major website, and
Both lists will be kept current and will benefit from our internet extensive saturation.

If you would like to be notified on future training dates and locations, send an e-mail to George Anderson at

George Anderson, MSW, BCD, CAMF, CEAP
Diplomate, American Association of Anger Management Providers
Anderson & Anderson, The Trusted Name in Anger Management


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