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Friday, December 28, 2007

Court Approved Los Angeles Anger Management Provider List for January through June 2008

In Los Angeles, CA on December 28, 2007, the Official Anger Management Providers List for the Superior Court of Los Angeles County (and its branches) has been mailed to all courts and is now available for download from the Anderson & Anderson website. This list includes all providers who have completed 40 hours of facilitator certification training and use client workbooks, as well as the Conover Anger Management Pre and Post Tests. Human resource managers have been utilizing services from Anderson & Anderson and its anger management providers in Los Angeles County for more than seventeen years. This list has been revised and updated periodically to reflect the current status of anger management providers utilizing the Anderson & Anderson model of anger management intervention.

This list has been mailed to all of the Criminal and Family Law Courts in Los Angeles County as well as prosecuting attorneys from the Los Angeles City Attorney’s office, and the Los Angeles District Attorney’s office.

Anderson & Anderson, Inc. does not assume any responsibility for the quality of services provided by each provider. However, each provider has been trained by Anderson & Anderson and is expected to adhere to the standards recognized by the Los Angeles County Superior Court. Providers who do not adhere to these standards and are not actively utilizing the Anderson & Anderson Anger Management curriculum will be removed from future updates/revisions of the providers list. Unsuspecting consumers are often victimized by untrained charlatans claiming to offer anger management. It is necessary to be sure that the program you enroll in is offering a legitimate service recognized by the court system. The bailiff or court clerk will provide a copy of the list of certified providers upon request. You may download your own copy at

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