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Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Practicing Anger Management: Important Message for Anderson & Anderson® Anger Management Providers

Anderson & Anderson® has trained over eight thousand persons/entities to provide anger management classes for court referrals, employees mandated by H.R. departments, and those of the general public who realize that they will benefit by being enrolled in an anger management program. As part of our live training program, we provide the trainee with information that will be useful for them when they are ready to begin offering the services. We stress the importance of treating the business aspect of your position in the same way you treat your facilitating (or teaching) of our anger management curriculum.

It makes a great difference whether or not one receives referrals, because referrals provide the lion’s share of income. Therefore, it is of extreme importance that the provider considers more than just the financial investment he or she makes when taking the training, purchasing all the necessary materials needed for clients, and maintaining status on the court referral list and the Anderson & Anderson® website.

Providers must be willing to market themselves as well as the Anderson & Anderson® brand when reaching out to the public. They should market their practice via the internet on a daily basis, and maintain a professional looking web site. They should be creative when exploring different ways of reaching out to new clientele. Most importantly, they must be willing to work with the needs of the client without compromising their own business strategy and the Anderson & Anderson® Brand. Anderson & Anderson® has routinely provided a one-day training focused on marketing and expanding the anger management practice. Please call our office or send myself or George Anderson an e-mail ( or with any requests for this training. Provided that enough people are interested, we will schedule a date and time convenient for all of those who wish to attend.

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