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Thursday, June 19, 2008

The Anderson & Anderson® Anger Management Court Providers List for Los Angeles County

Anderson & Anderson, the leading provider of anger management classes, training, and executive coaching services, will be publishing and sending the updated Los Angeles County Court Provider’s List to all court houses in L.A. County by July 1st. This list will be in effect from July 1st until December 31st, and another list will be published for 2009.

Each provider on the list has been trained by Anderson & Anderson to help clients address and manage the following five areas: Anger Management, Stress Management, Communication Styles, Emotional Intelligence (Empathy), and Orientation to Change. It is required that all providers on our list purchase a number of materials from Anderson & Anderson, materials that are crucial to the professionalism and structure of the Anderson & Anderson anger management model. Providers, like all professionals who offer counseling or skill-enhancement services, are required to remain current with knowledge and any changes or enhancements that are made for the curriculum. This involves 16 hours of continuing education per year. We will provide specific details for anyone who wants to become certified and listed on our court providers list.

One thing that each provider must keep in mind is that Anderson & Anderson does not guarantee a number of referrals that a provider will receive when listed on the court list. While the courts in L.A. County exclusively refer mandated clients to our list (each mandate will receive a copy of the list), there is no guarantee that a provider will receive phone calls. It is the responsibility of the provider to market his or her services to the general public. We recommend internet marketing as a primary strategy. Anderson & Anderson provides marketing information and advice during our three-day training seminars. In addition, much of this information is included in the Suggested Guide for Anger Management, the facilitator’s guide that is included in both the live trainings and the home study versions. Please call Anderson & Anderson if you have any additional questions.

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