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Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Anger Management Guru, George Anderson, To Appear on ABC’s Good Morning America

On April 21, 2009, the producers of Good Morning America from ABC News sent a film crew to record an interview about “Venting” and Anger Management, given by premier anger management guru, George Anderson, and conducted by ABC News Correspondent Brian Rooney.

The internationally recognized Anderson & Anderson Anger Management Model will be featured on the Good Morning America News Show on Saturday, April 25, 2009 at 7:00 am (the program will air during the 7:00 am hour in all local ABC News Broadcasting affiliates in the United States). George Anderson, LCSW, CAMF was contacted by an ABC News Producer from Good Morning America/Weekend Edition in regards to the concept of “Venting” as it relates to anger management. According to the producer, everyone who she contacted advised her to call Mr. George Anderson of Anderson & Anderson, A.P.C. After their conversation, Mr. Anderson agreed to allow a film crew from Good Morning America to film two segments in his office: An interview between himself and Mr. Brian Rooney, the ABC News Correspondent from Good Morning America, and a small anger management group facilitated by Mr. Anderson.

The group consisted of willing participants who were filmed for the purposes of showing an accurate portrayal of a typical Anderson & Anderson anger management group. Each participant explained why they were attending an anger management class. They described their level of functioning in the following emotional skills relative to their scores on the assessment: Interpersonal Assertion, Empathy, Stress Management, Interpersonal Aggression, Interpersonal Deference, and Personal Change Orientation. Mr. Anderson provided each participant feedback and a review of the contrasting wheels of behavior (negative vs. positive behaviors).

Anderson & Anderson has been providing anger management classes for mandated and volunteer clients for the past 18 years. Anyone can call and ask Mr. Anderson questions about this event or anything related to anger management.

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