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Monday, June 01, 2009

Easy Marketing Clickbank Affiliate Deals Online

Sunday, May 31, 2009 23:02

Many ways known to promote and market products online easily found online, and many ways can be also in books and articles offline. Promoting products online is a kind of a business that can sky rocket your income, especially if you are promoting services, info products or systems as an affiliate, but you need first to realize the know-how. First you have to educate yourself with basic tools required and start building your online career and develop it till you reach your target.

I’m sharing here some useful ways in this post about marketing online, whether you are an affiliate marketer for info products or tangible items like used laptops, the below highlighted ways will help you achieve the required marketing goals if you invest good time doing it.

Start with a daily updated blog

Starting a healthy-daily updated blog is obviously a good start and one of the easy starts that you can do. If you know this or not blogging the easiest most effective way of online marketing and maybe the cheapest one too. Bloging Activities are simply writing good articles relevant to your promos and posting them period. The money generating part is either ads or hyperlinks pointing to what the readers want to know or buy. Of course, you need to promote your blog too via Social networking and social bookmarking sites to make some targeted traffic.

Recording promotional videos

Easier than what you think, videos made using a webcam or a simple home use camcoder is really effective and even sometimes screen shots taken from your screen can be used as promotional material, think of making a powerpoint presentation on your screen while recording your screen using a special software for this like (Camtasia) to make videos.

Then simply post the video you’ve recorded on youtube or any online video broadcasting services marketing and demonstrating your product, service or software to the audience.

Posting Informative Articles:

The difference between posting article content and posting content to your blod is that you have to register to article directories and submit your content then wait until the article directory approve it. This way you will have your content published on websites other than yours and you will get links to your pages from these directories for free and this is a good deal in my opinion. But remember unique content is the king here.

Another point here is that many bloggers use to pick article contents submitted to article directories and post it again in their blog keeping the reference of course to the author’s website and …bingo… , more readers to their blogs get you more visitors to your site once they click on the author’s name or link.

Post Classified ads.:

Online classified ads and column ads are good options for product promotion especially for local services or products that can help locals. Many websites gives classified ads on their content pages and they have a lot of traffic checking these classified ads everyday looking for products of their interest and again local classified ads are the best in case you are targeting specified areas.

Pay per Click

Also known as PPC and in my opinion PPC is one of the most effective ways of promotion but there is a trade off 1st it’s quite costly and 2nd it requires some optimization knowledge in order to keep and maintain the required return on investment. The key is to monitor your ppc campaigns closely and always keep an eye on cost and budget otherwise you will pay more than your profits.

Partner with Affiliates

Hey why not find a heavy weight partner, if you can’t beat them, join them. This kind of joint forces creates momentum adn makes it easier to grow and faster to achieve once all set and done in the right way.

All the above mentioned ways requires tons of research that consume a lot of time in order not to get in a trial and error phase and reach a frustration before seeing any results.

Finally I would like to give you an advice, a lot of programs and products that provide excellent couching available online that could really help you market your products and services and I usually write reviews for those programs that I personally use, more information about the latest one review of clickbank affiliate blueprints here.


Ali Abdullah


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