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Friday, July 17, 2009

Ten Steps to Financial Success As An Anger Management Provider

Any professional who follows the steps listed below will have a high probability of success as an anger management provider:

•Select and complete the best 40-hour live Facilitator Certification training available.

•Secure an office location convenient to the population that you wish to serve.

•Purchase all of the materials necessary to provide appropriate assessments and intervention for adolescents, adults, or both.

•Develop a simple, functional website containing a blog.

•Contract with a knowledgeable professional to make sure your site is listed on all search engines.

•Market your services on as many free Internet sites as possible.

•Send information about your services to Human Resource Managers, Judges, Probation Officers, as well as other governmental agencies.

•Use the telephone, as well as social networking sites, in order to educate the public on anger management as emotional intelligence.

•Demonstrate the value of emotional intelligence in your interactions with clients as well as referral sources.

•Make a commitment to excellent services rather than “cheap fees.”

Demonstrate credibility in your blogs, speeches and website.
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