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Thursday, August 26, 2010

Alternative Uses For Executive Coaching/Anger Management

Anger management coaching, based on the four popular domains of emotional intelligence, is being effectively used for marriage and divorce relationship/mediation issues. Anger Management/Executive Coaching was originally developed by Anderson & Anderson™ for use in the assessment and intervention of JCAHO defined “disruptive physicians." Individual Executive Coaching/Anger Management clients are beginning to request couple coaching for skill enhancement, in self-awareness, self-control (anger management), social awareness and relationship management. These are the four domains of Emotional Intelligence and do not denote psychopathology or marital conflict. Mental Health Professionals who discover that their clients are exhibiting deficits in self-control, stress management, empathy or assertive communication are referring these patients for this new non-psychological intervention of Executive Coaching/Anger Management.

Couples seen in dyad Emotional Intelligence Coaching are each evaluated using the same comprehensive instruments that are used with individuals. The same client workbooks , DVDs and ancillary skill enhancement material used for individual clients are being successfully used with couples.Many of these clients have been unsuccessful with the traditional channels of marriage counseling or psychotherapy.

In contrast to counseling or psychotherapy, coaching for Emotional Intelligence or Anger Management does not carry the same stigma currently experienced by those who are patients being treated for nervous or mental disorders. Rather, it is a skilled-based intervention designed to enhance emotional intelligence.

Sandy Harris, CAMF
Anderson & Anderson Executive Coaching

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Blogger Citizen said...

Hi Sandy, I really enjoyed this post. I am an anger management coach in the UK. Certainly I find that the stigma is a lot less, particularly if I call it anger management coaching or an anger management techniques course. Once people get over the fact that they start believing the course will work for them the work can begin.
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