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Tuesday, June 12, 2007

A Day Away from Stress


In order to achieve a deep state of relaxation, employees and patients need to focus on relaxation without getting uptight about it.

A Day Away From Stress helps them do just that. It guides them through the relaxation process, step-by-step, breath-by-breath and muscle-by-muscle. All they have to do is follow along!

What makes this relaxation different from all the others is the skillful blend of the following four elements: film footage, new age music, environmental sounds and the gentle voice of the narrator. Scenes of waterfalls, meadows and babbling brooks leave the viewer in a comfortable state of deep relaxation.

The video is narrated by Dr. Stuart McCally, Assistant Clinical Professor, Yale Univerisity School of Medicine.

An 11 minute abbreviated version is available for meetings and seminars where you want to change the pace by creating a relaxation break.


• Self guided 30 minute video is plug and play
• Not a theoretical program… This tape helps viewers actually relax.
• Can be used in short five-minute segments… Great for a meeting break
• Good for in-house closed circuit television
• Perfect for waiting rooms
• Great for facilitating biofeedback sessions
• Ideal for people who have difficulty meditating
• Structured Exercises include diaphragmatic breathing, scanning and
progressive relaxation.

Customer Quotes

"I had a migraine headache when I sat down to listen to A DAY AWAY FROM STRESS. Your tape chased the pain away."
--Mary Anne Simcoe, Training Manager for Dow Jones, Inc.

"This tape has had the best response of any we have used on this topic. The staff wants their own copies to take home."
--Bernie Burden, RN, Colchester Regional Hospital
Nova Scotia, Canada

"A Day Away From Stress is a major hit with our patients and I find I often have several inpatient units clamoring for it at the same time."
--Beth Harris, Patient Ed. Coordinator.
Cornell Medical Center, White Plains, NY

"A day away from stress is excellent." Well scripted, well paced and well produced."
--Daniel Goleman, science writer for the NY Times
and author of the book Emotional Intelligence.

"Beneficial for anyone seeking respite from daily stress."


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