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Monday, March 17, 2008

Anger Management Guru Certifies 23 New Anger Management Facilitators

George Anderson with the expert assistance of Colbert Williams, Sr., MSW, LCSW, CAMF presented the first live Anderson & Anderson Anger Management Facilitator Certification Training of 2008. 23 persons attended this training from New York, New Jersey, Idaho, Sacramento, Fremont, Palm Desert, Oakland, Beverly Hills, Agoura, Ontario and Los Angeles.

Those in attendance were particularly impressed with the value and versatility of all of the Anderson & Anderson DVDs, Posters and other ancillary material in teaching the four content areas of the Anderson & Anderson Curriculum. Those content areas are anger management, stress management, communication and emotional intelligence. The third day was devoted to Emotional Intelligence, marketing and practice development.

Among those is attendance were: Reiko E. Ward, MSW, Pamela Gilkes, MSW, and Sharon Richards, MSW all from the Kings County New York District Attorneys Office. Former San Quentin Prison Warden, Jill Brown and California State Parole Administrator Toney Hardy were also participants along with Dr. Thomas L. Wentz from Palm Desert, California Shelly B. Ryan, MA, Far Hills, New Jersey, and Rev.,Dr. Stanley B. Long from Fremont, California.

Most of those in attendance have decided to join the American Association of Anger Management Providers. Several of the participants have expressed interest in purchasing Anderson & Anderson Licensing Agreements for their respective states or counties. Beverly Hills based Psychotherapist, Susan Choeke, MFT has decided to participate in the planned taping of the BBC Documentary on Anger Management featuring George Anderson scheduled for March 28, 29, and 30.

Allan Sadac, MFT, of Rochlin, California plans to become a principal Anderson & Anderson provider for the Sacramento area.

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