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Thursday, August 12, 2010

The Airline Industry Needs Anger Management

While Jet Blue made the news for the explosive behavior of one of its’ Flight Attendants, it is hardly alone in the need for Organizational Anger Management for employees. Few industries are as stressful as the daily tensions associated with flying. Anger is a normal human emotion which is problematic when it is too intense (as indicated in the Jet Blue incident), when it occurs too frequently, when it lasts too long, when it leads to person or property directed aggression or violence, when it destroys interpersonal relationships or when is leads to health issues.

The most commonly associated causes of anger are stress, tension, fatigue, anxiety, depression and frustration. Since the tragedy of 9/11, flying worldwide has become overwhelmingly stressful worldwide. In contrast to many other stressful industries including banking and medicine, the Air Line Industry has been slow to recognize the value of Anger Management Coaching or Organizational Anger Management for its work force. Certified Anger Management Facilitators are well trained to offer intervention for workplace violence prevention as well as coaching for anger management and emotional intelligence for customer service staff. Programs include Pre and Post Tests as well as skill enhancement in Self-Awareness, Self-Control, Social Awareness and Relationship.

George Anderson, MSW, BCD, CAMF

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