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Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Anderson & Anderson Sends New Marketing Videos All Over the World

Anderson & Anderson, the world-renowned provider of anger management, has released two new marketing videos. These videos explain to the viewer our organizational and executive coaching services. As a provider and trendsetter of anger management, Anderson & Anderson has done, and will continue to do, all it can to increase the prominence and stature of anger management intervention. Our plan is to distribute hard copies of these videos to all hospital boards, fortune 500 companies, and all interested third parties who have visited our website and blogs.

In the past three months, our website has had a dramatic increase in the number of web hits. In June, the number was 529,000. In July, it was a little higher than 563,000. August is shaping up to be even more effective, as we project a new record of over 600,000. The key is that we have been actively marketing our brand.

Anderson & Anderson is a small business with very big ideas. Our intern, Abel Garcia, saw fit to upload our first marketing video on Youtube!, MySpace, and fourteen additional websites. Furthermore, George Anderson, the founder of Anderson & Anderson, and his employees and anger management providers are consistently developing new ideas on how to market our brand. We encourage businesses of all types to be aggressive in their marketing campaigns. This means finding and implementing effective marketing strategies that spark an interest in society-at-large, yet is careful by not alienating the public.

Rasheed Ahmed
Office Manager
Anderson & Anderson
Anger Management Services


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