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Wednesday, August 08, 2007

A Message for All Anderson & Anderson Providers

Thanks to our successful Viral Marketing Campaign, nearly all Anderson & Anderson providers are offering excellent services and making real money. If you have not experienced an increase in your referrals and income, you need to join us in this exciting and free campaign.

Our Me Too” global competitor has an internet saturation of 138 in contrast to Anderson & Anderson’s Market Leap Search Engine Saturation of 2,928. We are, and should be, proud of our success.

To be a part of this effort, you must have a functional website, e-mail address and a willingness to place free ads on Craig’s List and Topix. In addition, you must place blog entries from Anderson & Anderson, as well as from other providers, on your site. Finally, you must agree to write comments on blog entries made by other Anderson & Anderson providers.

Because of its success, viral marketing will remain an integral part of Anderson & Anderson internet marketing and branding. For more information, first read our blogs at ,,

Read as many of the marketing blogs as possible. Once completed, contact our office and we can help you get started on the road to financial and practical success.

George Anderson, MSW, BCD, CAMF, CEAP
Diplomate, American Association of Anger Management Providers


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