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Friday, May 28, 2010

The Anderson & Anderson Anger Management Model Works

Dr. Steven Sinert, President of Nevada Anger Management conducted research on his Anger Management Practice in Henderson, Nevada and the results showed conclusively that the Anderson & Anderson Model works.

(PressMethod) - This study was undertaken from my private anger management practice utilizing the before and after averages using the Conover Assessment Examination which measures the following parameters:

1) Interpersonal Assertion: How good or comfortable the individual feels about telling others about their thoughts, feelings and behaviors in dealing with others:

Average pre-training score: 3.03;
Average post-training score: 5.30 (74.91% increase)

2) Empathy: How the individual views their current skill and ability to sense, understand and accept another person's thoughts, feelings and behaviors.

Average pre-training score: 4.38
Average post-training score: 5.35 (22.14 % increase)

3) Stress Management: Shows the individual's skill in managing stress and worry.

Average pre-training score: 3.97
Average post-training score: 5.05 (27.20% increase)

4) Aggression: The amount to which an individual uses a communications style that violates or offends or takes away another's rights, thoughts or feelings.

Average pre-training score: 2.82
Average post-training score: 0.62 (78.01% decrease)

5) Interpersonal Deference: A measurement of the degree to which an individual uses a personal communication style that tends to yield or give in to someone else, lets others have their way or gives their rights to others.

Average pre-training score: 2.61
Average post-training score: 1.71 (34.48% decrease)

6) No measurement of an individual's motivation was included in this study. It is recognized however that the greater the motivation the more likely the individual will be successful in achieving success.

Conclusion: From these findings it would appear that this Anger Management Program is very effective in increasing assertive skills, empathy, stress management and decreasing aggression and deference. These results are in no way a guarantee that any specific individual will respond the same way; however, they are a good indication that, on average, most individuals with anger issues will have a positive outcome from taking an anger management program taught by a Certified Anger Management Provider using the Anderson & Anderson model.


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Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Ten Reasons to Pursue Anger Management Certification

One of the best kept secrets in the small business arena is how lucrative anger management classes can be. With forty hours of training and less than a two thousand dollar investment, it is possible to begin offering classes to clients referred from Human Resource Managers, Courts, and self-referred individuals.

Here are some reasons why you should consider pursuing the Anderson & Anderson Anger Management Facilitator Certification Training now:
1) The demand for anger management services far exceed the supply of certified providers.
2) Residents of small and large communities need anger management providers in each locale
3) Services can be provided on Saturdays and Sundays, thereby making anger management a lucrative part-time venture.
4) The Anderson & Anderson anger management model is the most widely recognized anger management curriculum in the world.
5) Providers who market their services and are listed on the Anderson & Anderson web site can earn an average of $4,000 per month by teaching classes on Saturdays and Sundays.
6) With additional training and experience, Certified Anger Management Providers can earn an average of $1,000 per day by providing Organizational Training to businesses and governmental agencies.
7) Certified Anger Management Providers are able to receive gratification from the fact that they are offering a needed intervention to their communities.
8.) Those who become certified in anger management at this time can essentially influence the development of this new and emerging area of specialization.
9) By teaching others the needed skills to manage anger, stress and increase emotional intelligence and effective communication, you are playing an active role in reducing all aspects of person-directed violence.
10) You may become one of the first providers to offer anger management to organized sports from little league to major leagues.

To enroll in our next Anger Management Facilitator Certification training, call our office at

Friday, May 21, 2010

Emotional Intelligence for "Disruptive Physicians" A Smashing Success

George Anderson’s presentation on Emotional Intelligence for “Disruptive Physicians” was well received by all those in attendance at the 22nd annual Western States Regional Conference on Physicians’ Well-Being, held on May 19, 2010 in Riverside, CA. Mr. Anderson was one of five Speakers at conference.
One hundred and ninty participants were in attendance at this years conference. Emotional Intelligence for “Disruptive Physicans” is by far the single most requested topic by Physicians’ Well-Being Committees Nationwide.

Sandy Harris, BA,CAMF

Emotional Intelligence/Anger Management Assessments Helpful in Psychotherapy & Counseling

Regardless of the presenting complaint, Emotional Intelligence/Anger Management Assessments are excellent in assisting the Psychotherapist and the Client in understanding the clients current level of functioning on a wide range of important skills necessary for healthy interpersonal relationships.These skills include: assertive communication, empathy, anger management, stress management, decision making, time management, self-esteem, self-awareness, social awareness and relationship management.These non psychological assessments are actually Maps which simply define the areas in which the participant scores in the develop, strengthen or enhancement range. They guide the client’s journey towards growth and change.Most Certified Anger Management Facilitators have the ability to provide these assessments either for the client directly or for his or her counselor or psychotherapist.

George Anderson, MSW, BCD, CAMF

Friday, May 14, 2010

Artist Agents Take the Lead in Recommending Anger Coaching for Entertainers - Topix

Artist Agents Take the Lead in Recommending Anger Coaching for Entertainers - Topix

Thursday, May 06, 2010

A Message for Legitimate Certified Anger Management Facilitators - Topix

A Message for Legitimate Certified Anger Management Facilitators - Topix